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kickTrak® Babykick Counter

With kickTrak ®, you simply press the save button to record baby's kicks, and whenever you see a sudden change, you can notify your doctor immediately.  Stillbirth is the unexpected death of an unborn baby beyond 20 weeks.

KickTrak® helps to record baby's movement and stillbirth can be avoided .

• Memory:
KickTrak® can store 10 baby kicks for the mother and doctor to know baby's health status.

• Counts Down:
KickTrak® provide everyday tracking or counts down the last 99 days of pregnancy.

• Labor contractions:
KickTrak® can be used to time your labor contractions.
 • Economical and Safe Device:
KickTrak® is a safe, reliable, non-invasive, hand-held, record-keeping device to help you keep a reliable diary
of your baby's movements.

• Easy and Convenient:
KickTrak® replaces the paper record in the past. Just simply press the save button to record baby's kicks
 and you can find out and notify your doctor when there  is a sudden change.       
• Bond with your Baby:
KickTrak® helps the mother to be familiar with her body and the unborn baby. It keeps track of all the
baby movement from 24~28 week.

Code: Dig-KickTrack
Product Name: Fetal Movement Counting Monitor
Available Stock: 10units
Brand: DIGIO2 ,  Taiwan
Product Warranty: 12months
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