TKL2206AH2 satin black
TKL2206AH2 satin black Bicycle- Folding  Bicycle Petaling Jaya, PJ, Selangor, Malaysia Supply, Supplier, Suppliers | Ritz Medical Sdn Bhd
RM 1,190.00
14.000 KG
TKL2206AH2 Black 
K Rock 22inch Hi Tense Steel Folding Bicycle,
Shimano 6 speed & Rear carrier
A 22 inch, 6 speed folding bike that you can take anywhere.
Made with a hi-tensile steel and a patented steel latch system, your bicycle will be as sturdy as possible.
The handlebars and seat posts are multi adjustable chrome plating, keeping them rust free for longer.
pokes are zinc-plated while the rims are 100 per cent alloy.

With a Shimano rear derailleur, a Shimano 6-speed cassette hub and a Shimano 6-speed twist shifter.
Spec.: 22 inch V Type hi-tensile frame fork Integrated aluminum handlebar.
Shimano 6 speeds Aluminum seat post, folding pedal Aluminum double-wall rim Kenda tire
Net weight 15KGS.
Carton size: 76*34*65cm
This bike is perfect for the sail boater or power boater that wants to have the ability to get around town once they get to their destination!
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